H i s t o r y :

‘Youth Futures’ was established in January 2012 by a group of youth workers who wanted to continue supporting young people from Southwark and Lambeth.


They had developed a working relationship with young people in the area through the 'Youth Council' program run at ‘The Synergy Centre’, which ran out of funding in 2011.


The Synergy Centre was a community centre in Camberwell, setup on the border between Peckham and Brixton. Youth Futures has continued working in the same location, attracting young people from a range of different postcodes.

It is supported by Ubuntu Youth, an organization set up specifically, but not exclusively, to encourage and empower young people in South London to develop their full potential as individuals and citizens, through the Youth Futures project, and others like it.

M i s s i o n  S t a t e m e n t :

We are a youth group based in south London who support the personal growth of  young people. We seek to develop their positive aspirations, emotional well being, and active citizenship. 

V i s i o n :

For young people to live in a safe and economically viable community, in which there are opportunities for them to fulfil their potential as conscious and responsible citizens.


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