I n  S e s s i o n :  

We primarily run a weekly Youth group session for 5 hours on a Friday.

Below are some examples of what takes place during that time:

The Fitness Program is a two-hour energy packed fitness session, run by qualified trainers from the ‘Boxing Academy’ for young people in Hackney.

The Girls Group is a weekly support circle, conducted away from the rest of the group. A chance for our female members to share their experiences and challenges with our female youth workers and qualified counsellors: in a safe, confidential and non-judgmental setting. *

The Cooking Scheme is a chance for a young people to suggest a mealtime recipe. They work with a youth worker, to purchase the ingredients and cook them for the whole group to share in a sit-down meal.

Food is prepared each week by a team of young people with the support of a youth worker. This talented crew aim to be creative and resourceful so as to provide healthy yet tasty meals. The food caters for most tastes, including vegetarian and vegan lifestyles.

The One-To-One Mentoring Scheme is a scheme that has thus far been utilized by those most at risk of failing in education due to exclusion, or of joining gangs. We work closely with the young person on a weekly- basis focusing on their personal challenges, supporting them to take responsibility for their actions and become more aware of their consequences. *

Real Talk is a circle meet every week where young people have the opportunity to sit together and talk through issues that they have faced each week. This circle was inspired following one of our visiting speakers Mark Prince.

The Music Studio is setup each week and is a way for our young people to artistically express themselves. A trained young person, who has taken on a voluntary role as studio-manager, manages it and runs sessions for other young people. *

Youth support worker progam: Young people take on responsibilities in session such as setting up, cleaning, running studio sessions and cooking. This gives them some work experience in return for their energy and effort. We are looking to extend these responsibilities for the senior leadership group to peer mentoring for the junior members. 

Once a month we welcome Visiting Speakers into the group, usually older figures who wish to share some experience, idea or knowledge with the group. Following their presentation, there is usually an interactive discussion and period of questioning and answer.


Young people have usually reflected on these speakers as a necessary part of the group session, as they provide a space for the group to share collectively and bond through their experiences of the locality and wider world.

* (Signifies - program not currently running due to lack of funding )

O u t  O f  S e s s i o n :  

Many of our young People represent 'Youth Futures' at Community Meetings on the Estate at which we are based. This helps with relations between us as a group, and the older members of the community.

The young people often take on paid work on behalf of the Estate’s residents committee – flyering and promoting their up-coming events.


The Youth Leadership Program: Young people who have shown exemplary leadership take on responsibilities in and outside the youth project following an interview process and a voluntary period.  

Youth advocacy program: The youth advocacy program gives young people the opportunity to present a youth voice to community and local institution’s meetings. It is also a powerful opportunity for the young people to develop their communication skills and self confidence around powerful adults such as police chief superintendents and councilors.


Quarterly - Police Stop and Search meetings.

Monthly – Peckham community gang meetings.

Monthly – Camberwell and Peckham Community Council     


Entrepeneurial and employment program: We work with the young people who are NEET ( not in education, employment or training ) and looking for work and employment and help them to find placements and apprenticeships. In addition we run CV writing workshops and interview techniques programs.

We are now developing a program to explore how the young people can generate an income through setting up their own businesses / enterprises, which would be supported by their youth futures mentors. This may help to to develop their communities local economy and industries.


Trips: The majority of Trips we go on are organized by Young People who research the possibility of going, and gather the documentation required from the group (permission slips etc). They also set clear organizational plans.


Theses are just a few examples of the types of trips and visits 

that have been organised over the past year :

      Educational / cultural – such as theatre trips, university open 

      days and talks.

      Skills developing and inspiring creativity such as music and  

      dance workshops.

Team building and fun such as paintballing or the park. 

Some of our visiting Speakers:

Napoleon – Ex-Rapper from Tupac Shakur’s ‘Outlaws’ group and  now a motivational speaker.

Tracie Cant – International fashion expert and Vogue cosmetician.

Mark Prince – Professional boxer from Hackney who’s son was killed, and now gives inspirational talks to youth groups and schools.

Grace Iduwo – A local woman who comes to visit youth groups to give inspirational talks following the stabbing of her son.

Paul Obinna – Personal Development and gangs expert.

Delroy – Local youth outreach officer and gangs worker.

Aisha – nutritional expert, ' spirulina ' specialist.

Stephen Bourne - Southwark black history and Afro Carribean History specialist.

Deep Black” drama group – conducted a 5 week workshop with young people, culminating in a dance, spoken word and acted performance. 

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